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How to resolve 'npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell'

I am new to node.js. I downloaded and install node.js installer from the official site. I have added this installer folder in PATH environment variable and I am able to run programs. But when I try to install some package using npm in node console it shows the error

npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell
. I also tried it on a separate console. But it shows command not found though I have added node in the environment variable.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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It's better to use the actual (msi) installer from instead of downloading the node executable only. The installer includes npm and makes it easier to manage your node installation. There is an installer for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Also a couple of other tidbits:

  • Installing modules globally doesn't do what you might expect. The only modules you should install globally (the -g flag in npm) are ones that install commands. So to install Express you would just do npm install express and that will install Express to your current working directory. If you were instead looking for the Express project generator (command), you need to do npm install -g express-generator for Express 4.

  • You can use node anywhere from your command prompt to execute scripts. For example if you have already written a separate script: node foo.js. Or you can open up the REPL (as you've already found out) by just selecting the node.js (start menu) shortcut or by just typing node in a command prompt.

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