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Javascript Question

Calculate percentage Javascript

I have a question about javascript logic what I use to get percent of two inputs from my text fields. Here is my code:

var pPos = $('#pointspossible').val();
var pEarned = $('#pointsgiven').val();

var perc = ((pEarned/pPos) * 100).toFixed(3);

For some reason if my inputs are 600 and 200, my result suppose to be 33.333 but I'm getting 3.333. If I hard code my values this works fine. If anyone can help I appreciate that. Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

It seems working :


 <input type='text' id="pointspossible"/>
<input type='text' id="pointsgiven" />
<input type='text' id="pointsperc" disabled/>

JavaScript :


    $('#pointspossible').on('input', function() {
    $('#pointsgiven').on('input', function() {
    function calculate(){
        var pPos = parseInt($('#pointspossible').val()); 
        var pEarned = parseInt($('#pointsgiven').val());
        var perc="";
        if(isNaN(pPos) || isNaN(pEarned)){
            perc=" ";
           perc = ((pEarned/pPos) * 100).toFixed(3);



Demo :

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