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Swift Question

Swift Anagram checker

I am attempting to build an anagram checker for swift. This is my code. In case you don't know an anagram checker checks if two strings have the same characters in them but, order does not matter.

func checkForAnagram(#firstString: String, #secondString: String) -> Bool {
var firstStringArray: [Character] = []
var secondStringArray: [Character] = []
/* if case matters delete the next four lines
and make sure your variables are not constants */
var first = firstString
var second = secondString
first = first.lowercaseString
second = second.lowercaseString
for charactersOne in first {
firstStringArray += [charactersOne]
for charactersTwo in second {
secondStringArray += [charactersTwo]
if firstStringArray.count != secondStringArray.count {
return false
} else {
for elements in firstStringArray {
if secondStringArray.contains(elements){
return true
} else {
return false


var a = "Hello"
var b = "oellh"
var c = "World"
checkForAnagram(firstString: a, secondString: b)

I am getting an error message of.

'[Character]' does not have a member 'contains'

Answer Source

You should try

func checkForAnagram(firstString firstString: String, secondString: String) -> Bool {
    return firstString.lowercaseString.characters.sort() == secondString.lowercaseString.characters.sort()
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