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CSS Question

Is this random conditional possible with CSS preprocessor Stylus?

I have a random function in Stylus:

return floor(math(0, 'random')*(max - min + 1) + min)

I am using it like this to generate a random z-index on an element:

for i in (1..10)
z-index random(-99, 99)

Now I want a conditional on the same element if the z-index is, for example > 0... Is this possible?

Answer Source

Yes, you can do this by saving this random value to the variable and then reusing it both in condition and at z-index:

random($min, $max)
  return floor(math(0, 'random') * ($max - $min + 1) + $min)

for $i in (1..10)
  $random_value = random(-99, 99)
    z-index: $random_value

    if $random_value > 0
      background: lime
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