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Make nine-patch or make special-resolution images?

I am aware that Android prefers nine-patch images as solution for all resolution/size screens. Now, I have to develop an app with approx 500 images and they are to be displayed on both mobile phones and tablets at perfect resolution.

What is the best way to do:

1. Turn all 500+ images into 9.png (bad side is time needed for this)

2. Turn all 500+ images into tablet's resolution and let all smaller screens use it (bad side is that I cannot predict all resolutions but make generic one)

3. Something else?

Basically my biggest concern are x-large screens and the option to make 2 versions is not allowed (although market supports multiple versions now).

What would be the optimum/best way? What would you do?

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As you know

You can have one folder for each screen-size, so you can put the pictures the size you want for each devices. The downside is the apk size gonna be really huge ! (which for me is really a problem on a mobile device).

So, for me, the best way is to do the 9.png

The question is probably "why do I need so many pictures?" If it's almost the same pic using several colors, maybe you can update the pic on the fly, just an idea.

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