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php - Retrieve value from $_SESSION and output using another variable

My question might seem totally silly but I am really stuck here.

I know $_SESSION is a global variable but I can't seem to know how to retrieve the value it stores.

For example:

foreach ($_SESSION["cart_products"] as $cart_itm)
//set variables to use in content below
$product_name = $cart_itm["product_name"];
$product_code = $cart_itm["product_code"];

echo '<p>'.$product_name.'</p>';
echo '<p><input type="checkbox" name="remove_code[]" value="'.$product_code.'" /></p>';

echo $_SESSION["cart_products"];

Here you can see, the
holds some value (information like product name, product code etc). Now, the problem is that I just want to echo out all the product names that are stored in

Since it's a cart list, it contains more than ONE product details. But, when I echo out
, it only shows the name of the last product in the list. And echoing out
array to string

Please, tell me how can I list out all the product names separating by a

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.

PS: I have already tried using

Answer Source

for displaying all the product name separated by , use this code.

$allProductName = '';
 $prefix = '';
 foreach ($_SESSION["cart_products"] as $cart_itm)
    $allProductName .= $prefix . '"' . $product_name. '"';
    $prefix = ', ';
echo $allProductName;
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