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Maximum Call Stack Exceeded

I'm writing javascript which fetches the users GPS coordinates (once) then calculates the distance between him/her and the a list of restaurants I'm displaying on the page.

$(document).bind("DOMNodeInserted", function(e) {

if($('#user-gps').length) {

$('.restaurant').each(function(index, value) {
var lat = $(value).find('.latitude').attr('data-src');
var long = $(value).find('.longitude').attr('data-src');

var distance = geolocator.calcDistance({
from: {
latitude: $('#user-gps').attr('lat'),
longitude: $('#user-gps').attr('long')
to: {
latitude: lat,
longitude: long
formula: geolocator.DistanceFormula.HAVERSINE,
unitSystem: geolocator.UnitSystem.METRIC

var string = Math.round(distance * 10) / 10 + "km";
var restaurantTitle = '#restaurant-' + index + ' .restaurant-title';

//console.log($(value).find('.restaurant-title').text() + " - " + Math.round(distance, -1) + "km");
$(restaurantTitle).append('<span>' + string + '</span>');


I'm looping through each restaurant and calculating the distance, after which I format the string to display a value like 3.2km. I then want to append this in the DOM.

$(restaurantTitle).append('<span>' + string + '</span>');

As soon as I try this I get a Maximum Call Stack Exceeded error in the console.

I have tried several ways to make sure I'm only selecting the element I'm currently iterating over. I have even given each .restaurant a unique ID. The selector works perfectly fine but I cannot append or in any way add the string without getting the error.

Any help is much appreciated.

Answer Source

You've bound this to the DOMNodeInserted event on the document level, and when you insert the span you're inserting a DOM Node, triggering that event, which in turn inserts a span, that triggers the DOMNodeInserted event, that inserts a span that triggers ... and on it goes, until the stack is full.

You have to rethink your logic, and find some other event or way to do what you want

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