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Programmatically change Visual Studio Options

How do I programmatically set and unset Visual Studio Options?

enter image description here

I have done the research and troubleshooting and found it is not possible, ironically now I find myself needing this functionality.

Here is a question I answered specifying why its not possible to programmitically click buttons in the VS Options Dialog:
Programmatically reset VisualStudio shortcuts.

I dont need to click a button, I need to change a boolean setting as per screenshot.

If I can change the options using a Visual Studio Add-In it will change all our lives.

Please... if you have any undocumented methods.. please help me. It will improve every developers life, particularly newbies.

Answer Source

You'd have to write code to change the following registry key.


TitleCaseMenus is the node you're after :)

You may need to change the Visual Studio version number depending on what you have installed.

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