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what is the use of defining a variable on a method inside a square brackets in

I am looking at this method in and I am quite knew to I am trying to understand why integer "[to]" and "[step] "is defined in square brackets ? Can some one please explain this to me. Why can these be defined just To/Step. I have attached the code below. Thanks in advance.

''' <summary>
''' Write to runtime output with loop information
''' Expected use when loop counter is incremented
''' </summary>
Public Sub WriteToRuntimeOutput(counter As Integer, [to] As Integer, [step] As Integer)

Dim message As New StringBuilder
message.AppendFormat("Loop counter incremented. Loop {0}/{1}", counter, [to])
If loopStep <> 1 Then
message.AppendFormat(" Step {0}", [step])
End If
return message.ToString()
End Sub

Answer Source

Square brackets are used to create a variable that has the same name as a keyword.

For example

Dim [Integer] As Integer

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