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Java App uses a lot of data usage while responses are only 6Kb

I searched a lot on stackoverflow and Google, but I just couldn't find a solution. My problem is the following: my app consumes a lot of wifi usage on some devices. My app gets JSON from the server, and that's all. The problem is that the app consumes a lot of data, what seems a bit odd considering that the JSON is only 6kb...

The weirdest thing is that different devices have different data usage... Friend 1 has 100mb used, while friend 2 has used 5mb. They both use it as much times as the other.

What could be the problem? I am using threads to get the JSON, if you want to know.


I tried to find out what is causing so much data to be gathered, and I found the following: I have 5 tabs, so 5 fragments, so 5 times an HTTP Request. I found out that each HTTP request takes 12kb, while it only get ~3kb of JSON back. How is this possible? And why does it vary a lot per user?

And what if I add read and write timeouts to the connection... wil it result in less MB's used? It seems not likely to me


You can partly fix this by adding timeouts. I tried it, and reduced it a bit

URLConnection con = url.openConnection();