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CSS Question

How to make a website run faster?

I'm into my first 3 months of web development and I have been dabbling with some server side scripting in the form of ColdFusion, along with some Javascript, JQuery and CSS.

I have read about CSS optimization and would like to know what are the other pertinent factors contributing to the better performance of a website. What all factors can a developer profile and optimize?

How much part does picking (or rather I should say recommending) a particular browser play in this performance hunt?


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Install YSlow and Pagespeed plugins for Firefox. Then start looking at all of the ways your site is unoptimized. This will be much like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant.

Using minified ( and possibly aggregated ) Javascript and CSS along with a good, healthy far-future-expires is a really good way to start.

  • Don't forget to gzip.
  • And use Etags.
  • And put your CSS at the top of the document.
  • And put the javascript at the end.
  • And use separate domains for static resources.
  • And avoid URL redirects.
  • And remove duplicate javascript and CSS.

And... see what I mean about the fire hydrant!

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