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AngularJS Question

Prompt confirm before Leaving edited html form

If user tries to leave unsaved edited form, a message box pop-up

"This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.
Leave Page and Stay on Page"

Can we invoke this confirmation box through some special function of browser? I want to implement it in AngularJS application

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Warlock's answer is partly right, but in doing so, you'd break testability.

In Angular, you'd want to use $window, and you'll want to watch $dirty on your form. You'll need to have a named form, notice name="myForm" below. Then you can $watch $dirty on the form in your $scope:

app.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope, $window) {
  $ = 'World';
  var win = $window;
  $scope.$watch('myForm.$dirty', function(value) {
    if(value) {
      win.onbeforeunload = function(){
        return 'Your message here';


<form name="myForm">
  Name: <input type="text" ng-model="name"/>

Here's a plunk to demonstrate:

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