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React JSX Question

componentDidMount not setting state or re-rendering

I have the below code:

import React from "react";
import * as AuthorApi from "../../../api/authorApi";

export default class Authors extends React.Component {
state = {
authors: []
constructor(props) {

componentDidMount() {
this.setState({ authors: AuthorApi.getAllAuthors() });
render() {
return <div>
<table className="table table-striped">
{console.log("Inside: " + this.state.authors.length)}
{this.state.authors.map((author) => {
<tr key={author.id}>
<td><a href={"/#authors/" + author.id}>{author.id}</a></td>
<td>{author.firstName} {author.lastName}</td>
}, this)}

Here I am setting state in componentDidMount() method by calling an api. The console.log in render actually give array length as 3. But nothing is displayed.


//This file is mocking a web API by hitting hard coded data.
var authors = require('./authorData').authors;
var _ = require('lodash');

//This would be performed on the server in a real app. Just stubbing in.
var _generateId = function(author) {
return author.firstName.toLowerCase() + '-' + author.lastName.toLowerCase();

var _clone = function(item) {
return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(item)); //return cloned copy so that the item is passed by value instead of by reference

var AuthorApi = {
getAllAuthors: function () {
console.log("Inside getAll");
console.log("Authors length is : " + authors.length);
return _clone(authors);

getAuthorById: function(id) {
var author = _.find(authors, {id: id});
return _clone(author);

saveAuthor: function(author) {
//pretend an ajax call to web api is made here
console.log('Pretend this just saved the author to the DB via AJAX call...');

if (author.id) {
var existingAuthorIndex = _.indexOf(authors, _.find(authors, {id: author.id}));
authors.splice(existingAuthorIndex, 1, author);
} else {
//Just simulating creation here.
//The server would generate ids for new authors in a real app.
//Cloning so copy returned is passed by value rather than by reference.
author.id = _generateId(author);

return author;

deleteAuthor: function(id) {
console.log('Pretend this just deleted the author from the DB via an AJAX call...');
_.remove(authors, { id: id});

module.exports = AuthorApi;

Please let me know what am I doing wrong.

Answer Source

Try adding a return inside your map.

this.state.authors.map((author) => { 
                        return (<tr key={author.id}>
                            <td><a href={"/#authors/" + author.id}>{author.id}</a></td>
                            <td>{author.firstName} {author.lastName}</td>
                    }, this)}