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MySQL Question

MySQL Error 1045 Access Denied

Good Morning,

I wrote the code block below on my local Windows 7 PC and tried to run it. Unfortunately, I received:

Connect Error (1045) Access denied for user 'dbuser'@'myhost(using password: YES)

I have granted dbuser Insert, Select, Update, and Execute using both localhost and % for this database schema. I am able to mysql -u dbuser -p from command line on server as well.

Here's the code block:

/* Set Variables */

/* Attempt to connect */
$mysqli=new mysqli($host,$username,$pass,$db);
if (mysqli_connect_error()){
die('Connect Error (' . mysqli_connect_errno() . ') '
. mysqli_connect_error());
echo 'Success... ' . $mysqli->host_info . "\n";



I'm having difficulty understanding whether the above code block is causing my error, or whether there's something required to be done on the server. Can anyone suggest some areas of investigation?


Answer Source

Make sure that if you're using a hostname for the GRANT in MySQL, that MySQL can properly resolve that hostname to the IP you're connecting from.

For instance, if you do

GRANT blah ON *.* to user@somehost

you have to remember that MySQL won't see 'somehost', it'll see an IP address. It'll have to do a reverse lookup to get a hostname, and if the IP either doesn't have a reverse mapping, or maps to something completely different, MySQL won't give access.

Unless you can guarantee that the reverse mapping is stable, it's best to use IP addresses for remote access accounts in MySQL.

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