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Apache Configuration Question

Is it possible to use AWS Beanstalk's .ebextensions config to install mod_pagespeed Apache module?

I'm using AWS Beanstalk for my Django/Python application, and I would like to use Google's mod_pagespeed module. Is it possible to install and run mod_pagespeed using the .ebextensions/.config file?

Answer Source

Download the package

Add the rpm into your ebextensions directory

create a .config file in the .ebextensions directory

add commands to the config file like this:

        command:        rm -rf /pagespeed/ebextensions

        command:        mkdir -p /pagespeed/ebextensions

        command:        cp -R .ebextensions/* /pagespeed/ebextensions/

        command:        rpm -U /pagespeed/ebextensions/mod-pagespeed.rpm

Ensure the commands are indented as shown, with no tabs, otherwise it wont work.

swap "mod-pagespeed.rpm" for whatever the actual rpm file name is.

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