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How to use Traits - Laravel 5.2

I'am new to Traits, but I have alot of code that is repeating in my functions, and I want to use Traits to make the code less messy. I have made a Traits directory in my Http directory with a Trait called BrandsTrait.php. And all it does is call on all Brands. But when I try to call BrandsTrait in my Products Controller, like this:

use App\Http\Traits\BrandsTrait;

class ProductsController extends Controller {

use BrandsTrait;

public function addProduct() {

//$brands = Brand::all();

$brands = $this->BrandsTrait();

return view('admin.product.add', compact('brands'));


it gives me an error saying Method [BrandsTrait] does not exist. Am I suppose to initialize something, or call it differently?

Here is my BrandsTrait.php

namespace App\Http\Traits;

use App\Brand;

trait BrandsTrait {

public function brandsAll() {
// Get all the brands from the Brands Table.


Answer Source

Think of traits like defining a section of your class in a different place which can be shared by many classes. By placing use BrandsTrait in your class it has that section.

What you want to write is

$brands = $this->brandsAll();

That is the name of the method in your trait.

Also - don't forget to add a return to your brandsAll method!

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