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MySQL Question


I've been using MySQL for a fair while now and I'm comfortable with its structure & SQL Queries etc.

Currently building a new system in AWS and I've been looking at DynamoDB. Currently I only know a little about it.

Is one better then the other?

What are the advantage of DynamoDB?

what is the transition like from MySQL queries etc to this flat style DB?


Answer Source

You can read AWS explanation about it here.

In short, if you have mainly Lookup queries (and not Join queries), DynamoDB (and other NoSQL DB) is better. If you need to handle a lot of data, you will be limited when using MySQL (and other RDBMS).

You can't reuse your MySQL queries nor your data schema, but if you spend the effort to learn NoSQL, you will add an important tool to your tool box. There are many cases where DynamoDB is giving the simplest solution.

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