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MySQL Question

How to remote pulling mysql database?

i was looking this: Copy mysql database from remote server to local computer

And it's the same case as me! but what i need use to connect with the following code:

mysql -u username -p -h

What is this "console"?


EDIT: If there's not possible to pull db by this method, exists some php script that you put db name, server and password and they pull automatically?

Answer Source

Assuming that you have mysql utilities on your machine.

Go to your start menu on your PC and click on "run"

Then when the dos command line come up type in your command.

mysql -u username -p -h your

If you get an error something like "command not recognized" you will have to first navigate to the mysql bin folder For example cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin

Then execute the mysql..... Command.

Note, the remote server has to accept the connection. If you get a connection rejects you may want to make sure your remote server allow such a connection.

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