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How to display months in full text for Date fields in Symfony2?

When using Date field in forms with Symfony2, they are displayed in three different select boxes.
Something like :


What we would like to do is display the months in text
.... instead of 1,2,3...

How to force display in full text for the months dropdown ?

EDIT : Here is the code I use in my form class :

$builder->add('dateOfBirth', 'birthday', array(
'format' => 'dd - MM - yyyy',
'widget' => 'choice',
'years' => range(date('Y'), date('Y')-70)

EDIT2 : Image showing F

enter image description here

Answer Source

Look at the code of the DateType class, it has a format option:

$allowedFormatOptionValues = array(

        // If $format is not in the allowed options, it's considered as the pattern of the formatter if it is a string
        if (!in_array($format, $allowedFormatOptionValues, true)) {
            if (is_string($format)) {
                $defaultOptions = $this->getDefaultOptions($options);

                $format = $defaultOptions['format'];
                $pattern = $options['format'];
            } else {
                throw new CreationException('The "format" option must be one of the IntlDateFormatter constants (FULL, LONG, MEDIUM, SHORT) or a string representing a custom pattern');

$formatter = new \IntlDateFormatter(


$builder->add('dateOfBirth', 'birthday', array(
    'format' => 'dd - MMMM - yyyy',
    'widget' => 'choice',
    'years' => range(date('Y'), date('Y')-70)
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