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Make anchor link go some pixels above where it's linked to

I'm not sure the best way to ask/search for this question:

When you click on an anchor link, it brings you to that section of the page with the linked-to area now at the VERY TOP of the page. I would like the anchor link to send me to that part of the page, but I would like some space at the top. As in, I don't want it to send me to the linked-to part with it at the VERY TOP, I would like 100 or so pixels of space there.

Does this make sense? Is this possible?

Edited to show code - it's just an anchor tag:

<a href="#anchor">Click me!</a>

<p id="anchor">I should be 100px below where I currently am!</p>

Answer Source

Can you use jQuery in your page? If so, try:

$(window).on("hashchange", function () {
    window.scrollTo(window.scrollX, window.scrollY - 100);

This will allow the browser to do the work of jumping to the anchor for us and then we will use that position to offset from.


As was pointed out by @erb, this only works if you are on the page while the hash is changed. Entering the page with a #something already in the URL does not work with the above code. Here is another version to handle that:

// The function actually applying the offset
function offsetAnchor() {
    if(location.hash.length !== 0) {
        window.scrollTo(window.scrollX, window.scrollY - 100);

// This will capture hash changes while on the page
$(window).on("hashchange", function () {

// This is here so that when you enter the page with a hash,
// it can provide the offset in that case too. Having a timeout
// seems necessary to allow the browser to jump to the anchor first.
window.setTimeout(function() {
}, 1); // The delay of 1 is arbitrary and may not always work right (although it did in my testing).
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