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How to avoid horizontal scroll on mobile web with responsive web design?

I've an adaptable web application. To avoid horizontal scroll I've written the following CSS code:

html {
overflow-x: hidden; }

This works fine on desktop, but not on mobile. If I display the app on a mobile device, the app adapts fine. The problem is when I do scroll from right to left. The page moves a bit. I want the page to not move horizontally.


The page doesn't scroll on all mobile devices. I've tried it on two devices with the same version of Android and it only scrolls on one of the devices.

Answer Source

Check all the paddings. If you add padding to something with width set to 100% it will go outside the parent.

Shown here


<div id="fillX">
    <div id="childXFill">



Also, use a CSS Reset.

If you wan't to use overflow: hidden you should probably set it on the body element too. Like so

body, html { overflow-x:hidden; }

Although the fact that something is overflowing indicates an error in your responsive design and you should try and fix it instead to prevent something not being visible to a mobile user.

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