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Undefined index on ajax post request

enter image description hereThis might seem like a duplicate question, but it isn't. I have searched google but my bug remains.

The issue is that the php script can not set $_POST array to the value being passed by the ajax post request. I have a form that,when submitted,displays another form in the same divs as the first form. The second form contains a submit button, as well as a button which sends ajax post request but it's value is not being set by php. The code is as follows:

html code: it is to pick out value of the span.

<i>Current Balance: <span id="bal_val"><?php echo $b; ?></span></i>
<div id="bal" style='color:green;'>

Ajax code:
here, edit button is a button (of the first form) which enables the display of the second form. The second form contains the balbutton input,which sends ajax request.

$('#bal').html('<button class="btn1 btn-1 btn-1b" id="balbutton" name="balbutton">Add 1000 Rs.</button>');


var bal = document.getElementById('bal_val').innerHTML;
var balance = parseInt(bal);
var dataString = {balance};

type: "POST",
url: "admin.php/",
data: dataString,
contentType: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
cache: false,
dataType: 'text',
success: function(result){
var data="";
$('#bal').html('We will add 1000rs to your account soon');
error: function(error){console.log(error);}


php code:



echo $bal;

echo '<pre>';
echo print_r($_POST);
echo '</pre><br>';

echo '<pre>';
echo var_dump($_POST);
echo '</pre>';

Also, I have tried the solutions of:

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Snapshot of the ajax post request and PHP error

Jquery ajax post on console and php error

Answer Source

In this part, you are not giving a valid syntax:

var dataString = {balance};

Change the above to:

var dataString = {balance: balance};
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