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Javascript Question

NGINX cmd command does not work

When i use my mac, i installed by brew. And it made all command usable every where

But, chocolatey does not allow windows to install NGINX.

So i downloaded under the C: and unzipped it.

Unlike Mac, i can't use NGINX or NGINX -s reload.

I think the 'bin' folder should be located in window 'PATH', but i could not know where it is.

When i order 'NGINX', cmd returns NGINX is not internal or external command.

How can i use these commands? Even though, Windows' directory tree is not similar with Mac's

Answer Source

If you download the nginx binary package from nginx website,when you unpacked it,there was no bin folder in it.The executable application is nginx.exe.The following is what looks like if you use ls command in the nginx directory.

C:\nginx-1.8.1>ls -1
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