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SQL Query to Find Mis-Matching Data

I have a local User table which gets it's data from our client. Once a week, they will supply us with an updated version of their user data. We then need to feed any new users into our User table (that's easy), plus update any existing users with any new data (this is where I'm stuck).

So, let's say our local table is called UserLocal, and then we have a table that gets wiped out and re-written once a week with the new data from the client called UserNew. The columns, with a sample of one user, looks like this:


UserId UserCode FirstName LastName
12345 ABC John Doe

But, the new data feed from the client looks like this:


UserId UserCode FirstName LastName
12345 XYZ John Doe

So, the UserCode for John has changed. What I'm trying to do is write a query that finds all rows in UserNew where the UserId matches a row in UserLocal, but the UserCode does not match.

Having a hard time with that syntax.

Answer Source

The basic idea would be:

FROM UserNew n
    JOIN UserLocal l
        ON l.UserId = n.UserId
        AND l.UserCode != n.UserCode
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