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Angular JS, importing some specifics data from a JSON file

I’m trying to make an angular JS app that displays notes.
All the notes are stored in a note.json file and the main page of the app shows just fews fields of all the notes.
I would like to add the feature that open a new page if I click on a particular note.
The new page should displays all the data referred to the clicked note.

I have a show.html file which is the template of the note selected, and a notes-show-controller.js which, when I click a note on the main page, should import just some specific data from the note.json file.
Here the code of the two file:


<div class="col-sm-12">
<p>Created By: {{note.user}}</p>




angular.module('NotesApp').controller('NotesShowController', function($http, $routeParams) {
var controller = this;
controller.notes = [];

$http.get('notes/'+ $routeParams.id).success(function(data){
controller.notes = data;

My question is: is it possible to import from the json file, which is an array of object, just few fields of a particular object? and if not, how can I solve my problem?
Here is the notes.json file

"id": 1,
"title":"questa è la prima nota",
"description": "blablablablablablablabla",
"id": 2,
"title":"questa è la seconda nota",
"description": "huhuhuuhuhuhuhuuhuuhuhuh",
"id": 3,
"title":"questa è la terza nota",
"description": "cicicicicicicicicicicici",

If it help to solve my problem, I've also made a Plunker file that shows all the app, here is the link:

Plunker File

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

Answer Source

All your data is in the JSON file.. Based on that I have updated the NotesShowController to find() the $http.get() response and show the information on the Show view.

Working Plunker:


    .controller('NotesShowController', ['$http', '$routeParams', function ($http, $routeParams) {
        var controller = this;
        controller.note = {};

        $http.get('notes.json').success(function (data) {
            controller.note = data.find(function (n) {
                return n.id == $routeParams.id;

Show view:

<div class="col-sm-12">
    <p>Created By: {{showController.note.users}}</p>


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