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TypeScript Question

JSPM Bundle with TypeScript transpiler

I'm getting more into System.js and JSPM, where I've come to the point where I want to bundle my TypeScript source code into a JavaScript bundle.

Now I can bundle my generated JavaScript code with something like:

jspm bundle some/source/path someDestFile.js

but then I need to pre-build all my TypeScript first into JavaScript and then bundle, finding myself left with all the compiled (and seperated) JS files. This is far from ideal!

I walked through the jspm docs here, but did not find a solution.

Just to be clear, I do not want to compile TypeScript in my browser, rather a precompiled bundle of solid JavaScript.

How do I do this?

P.S. I used the TypeScript transpiler installation as seen here

Answer Source

You can do it with JSPM builder. You can bundle all typescript files and bundlesfx to one single file, configurating jspm.conf.js like that:

    defaultJSExtensions: true,
    transpiler: "typescript",
    typescriptOptions: {
        "module": "amd",
        "experimentalDecorators": true
    packages: {
        "app": {
            "main": "index",
            "defaultExtension": "ts",
            "meta": {
                "*.ts": {
                    "loader": "ts"

and then run :

jspm bundle-sfx src/index dist/app.js

You can see full workign example in here:

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