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PHP Question

Remove link / strip_tags only if between two tags

A string contains some "cite" tags with text and links



<cite>Quote from <a href="/page.php" class="link">Testuser » 29.09.2016 15:08</a>:</cite>


<cite>Quote from Testuser » 29.09.2016 15:08:</cite>

What is the fastest way to remove the link and keep the text only if between cite tags?

Thank you


Parsing HTML and using DOM is best solution but because you want fastest way, you can use regex. I used preg_replace_callback() to finding cite tag and iterate selected tags. In callback function use strip_tags() to remove HTML tags in selected cite.

$newStr = preg_replace_callback("/<cite>.*<\/cite>/i", function($matches){
    return strip_tags($matches[0], "<cite>");
}, $str);

Check result in demo