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How to define composable components in AngularJS

In AngularJS (1.x), how can we create a reusable widget (component) that has insertion points (slots) for other widgets (components)?

Imagine we have a component/directive called "verticalsplitter". It's purpose is to divide the screen area into a "top" and "bottom" area (perhaps allowing user resizing, collapsing, etc).

Now imagine we have a bunch of other rich components e.g. a richtextview, a treeview, a videoplayer and a gridview.

One page/view 1 I want a verticalsplitter with a richtextview on top and treeview on bottom. On page/view 2 I want a verticalsplitter with a videoplayer on top and a gridview on bottom.

Page 1

<top ng-initialSize="30%">
<richtextview />
<bottom ng-initialSize="70%">
<treeview />

Page 2

<verticalsplitter ng-locked="true">
<videoplayer />
<gridview />

How can I achieve this? If it's not possible with components (and I need to use directives for transclude) then that's OK.

Answer Source

Components can transclude. It is clearly stated so in the AngularJS Developers Guide for Components:

app.component("verticlesplitter", {
    transclude: {
        'topPart': 'top',
        'bottomPart': 'bottom'
    template: `
          <div style="border: 1px solid black;">
              <div class="top" ng-transclude="topPart"></div>
              <div>Something in the middle</div>
              <div class="bottom" ng-transclude="bottomPart"></div>

For more information, see

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