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AngularJS Question

Symfony2 and AngularJS. Can anyone explain me?

how are you going?
Came here to ask you how symfony2 and angularjs can work together, because I tried to find and read about it on google and others, but I still can't understand at all.
-Is it possible?
-If it is possible, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
-symfony2-jquery or symfony2-angularjs? or both(i still don't underestand)?..
-What about twig? how can I work with the {{}} of angular (just explain me how, not the implementation)?

Answer Source

One thing you can do is to implement a REST API with Symfony that provides data and then create a web application with AngularJS that consumes data from the REST API. I'm pretty sure you can find a lot of examples of that by looking on Google.

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