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C# Question

Writing data into CSV file

I am trying to write into a

file row by row using C# language. Here is my function

string first = reader[0].ToString();
string second=image.ToString();
string csv = string.Format("{0},{1}\n", first, second);
File.WriteAllText(filePath, csv);

The whole function runs inside a loop, and every row should be written to the
file. In my case next row overwrites the existing row and in the end I am getting only single record in the csv file which is last one. How can I write all the rows in the

Answer Source

As you already have a loop, consider doing it like this:

//before your loop
    var csv = new StringBuilder();

//in your loop
    var first = reader[0].ToString();
    var second = image.ToString();
    //Suggestion made by KyleMit
    var newLine = string.Format("{0},{1}", first, second);

//after your loop
    File.WriteAllText(filePath, csv.ToString());

Or something to this effect. My reasoning is: you won't be need to write to the file for every item, you will only be opening the stream once and then writing to it.

You can replace

File.WriteAllText(filePath, csv.ToString());


File.AppendAllText(filePath, csv.ToString());

if you want to keep previous versions of csv in the same file

C# 6

If you are using c# 6.0 then you can do the following

var newLine = $"{first},{second}"


Here is a link to a question that explains what Environment.NewLine does

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