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Java Question

Java: String.toCharArray() with unicode characters

I know that char cannot contain Unicode characters (like char c = '\u1023'). So how would I go about doing

String s = "ABCDEFG\u1023";
char[] c = s.toCharArray();

I would like to convert s to a CharArray for performance reasons as I have to loop through every character in a potentially very long string which is inefficient. Anything which achieves the same result is fine.

Thanks a lot!

Actually char can contain unicode chars. I'm just being stupid. Thanks to those who helped out anyway.

Answer Source

Whoever told you that in Java char can't contain Unicode characters, was wrong:

The values of the integral types are integers in the following ranges:

  • For char, from '\u0000' to '\uffff' inclusive, that is, from 0 to 65535
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