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apply function for each subgroup

I was wondering how I can use loop function to calculate

apply(table(data$people,data$event),2,function(x) mean(x[x>0]))

for each level of Colour. I mean, I want to calculate the above function for each level of Colour.

people <-c("R1","R2","R2","R3","R3","R4","R4","R4","R4","R3","R3","R3","R3","R2","R2","R2","R5","R6")


Answer Source

To do your function to each group, let's first make it a function:

your_function = function(data) {
    apply(table(data$people,data$event),2,function(x) mean(x[x>0]))

Then we can split your data up by Colour and apply your function to each sub-data-frame:

dat_split = split(data, f = data$Colour)
results = lapply(dat_split, your_function)

# $black
#   a   b   c   f   m   M   s   y 
#   1 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN 
# $blue
#   a   b   c   f   m   M   s   y 
#   1   1   1   1 NaN NaN   1 NaN 
# $grean
#   a   b   c   f   m   M   s   y 
# NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN   1 
# ...

Personally, I don't find this very friendly. data.table and dplyr make doing things to subsets of data frames easy. I would have used dplyr from the start, like this:

data %>% group_by(people, Colour, event) %>%
    summarize(n = n()) %>%
    group_by(Colour, event) %>%
    summarize(mean = mean(n)) %>%
    tidyr::spread(key = event, value = mean)

# Source: local data frame [6 x 9]
#   Colour     a     b     c     f     m     M     s     y
#   (fctr) (dbl) (dbl) (dbl) (dbl) (dbl) (dbl) (dbl) (dbl)
# 1  black     1    NA    NA    NA    NA    NA    NA    NA
# 2   blue     1     1     1     1    NA    NA     1    NA
# 3  grean    NA    NA    NA    NA    NA    NA    NA     1
# ...
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