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Downloading content with file_get_contents then deleting after

Currently I found this site for music related tools that is very handy it offers a mirror for file hosts, and I am trying to download some MP3 with file_get_contents and delete it afterwards pushed to this file host mirror.

current code have is this..

$mp3 = 'http://www.example.com/song.mp3';
$name = 'song';

Which will store the MP3 we're trying to gather, but after it saves this information I want it to run through the function on this file mirror we found API then delete the MP3 file from our tmp directory afterwards.

the site is filemack

Answer Source

// set path to temp directory
$temp_directory = dirname(__FILE__).'/tmp';

// set direct url to mp3
$mp3_url = 'https://www.filemack.com/embed/stream-demo.mp3';

// set name of mp3
$name = 'song';

// download file to temp directory

## start the filemack class
$filemack = new filemack;

## set your api key
$filemack->api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY';

## set your api secret
$filemack->api_secret = 'YOUR_API_SECRET';

## enable individual hosts
$filemack->clicknupload = 1;
$filemack->dopefile = 1;

## or enable all of them    

## change embed color 1
$filemack->embed_color_1 = '375a7f';

## change embed color 2
$filemack->embed_color_2 = 'ffffff';

## upload the file
#$links = $filemack->upload($temp_directory.'/'.$name.'.mp3');

## upload the file with new filename
$links = $filemack->upload($temp_directory.'/'.$name.'.mp3',$name.'.mp3');

// file has been pushed to filemack so delete now

## links variable will be an array
    [success] => 1
    [embed] => <iframe src="https://www.filemack.com/embed/YdugtL8sSzV5?c1=375a7f&c2=ffffff" frameborder="0" scrolling="none" width="100%" height="64"></iframe>
    [links] => Array
        [filemack] => https://www.filemack.com/YdugtL8sSzV5
        [clicknupload] => https://www.filemack.com/cu_tQwdzijxCJpmOIqd
        [zippyshare] => https://www.filemack.com/zs_fL6CxCymd7EUe9Qh
        [dopefile] => https://www.filemack.com/df_rPNgoMH7pznIK6rq
        [affix] => https://www.filemack.com/af_c54jPe26dfcEc30a
        [tusfiles] => https://www.filemack.com/tf_RGtEhDrnlTMHsSKO
        [suprafiles] => https://www.filemack.com/sf_vm4g0FuRwXlxbBsP

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