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Finding empty line using fscanf

I'm supposed to read some variables named from "A" to "Z" and then evaluate them. The values in variables are matrices. This is example input:

B=[5 2 4; 0 2 -1; 3 -5 -4]
E=[-6 -5 -8; -1 -1 -10; 10 0 -7]
R=[-1 -7 6; -2 9 -4; 6 -10 2]


I have written an algorithm that correctly reads all the variables. However I fail at detecting the empty line. I have written this:

// FILE* input = stdin;
while(true) {
char name = '#';
// Reads the matrix, returns null on error
Matrix* A = matrix_read_prp_2(input, &name);
if( A==NULL ) {
// throw error or something
// Print the matrix
matrix_print_prp_2(A, stdout);
// consume one new line
char next;
if(fscanf(input, "\n%c", &next)!=1)
// Program returns error here
// if not new line, put the char back
// and continue
ungetc(next, input);

I assumed that for empty line,
fscanf(input, "\n%c", &next)
would read
, but it actually skips the second line and reads

How can I check if next line is empty on stream in C?

Answer Source

If it is safe to assume that the matrix_read_prp_2() function leaves the newline in the input buffer, then it would be possible to revise I/O operations in the tail of the loop along these lines:

    // Read anything left over to end of line
    int c;
    while ((c = getc(input)) != EOF && c != '\n')
    // Break on EOF or second newline
    if (c == EOF || (c = getc(input)) == EOF || c == '\n')
    // if not new line, put the char back and continue
    ungetc(c, input);

Untested code.

I'm not clear under what circumstances the nasrat(mgr, op); function call should be made; neither mgr nor op appears in the loop.

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