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Rotate object around world axis

I am trying to rotate an object around the world axis. I've found this question: How to rotate a object on axis world three.js?

But it didn't solve the problem by using this function:

var rotWorldMatrix;

// Rotate an object around an arbitrary axis in world space
function rotateAroundWorldAxis(object, axis, radians) {
rotWorldMatrix = new THREE.Matrix4();
rotWorldMatrix.makeRotationAxis(axis.normalize(), radians);
rotWorldMatrix.multiplySelf(object.matrix); // pre-multiply
object.matrix = rotWorldMatrix;
object.rotation.getRotationFromMatrix(object.matrix, object.scale);

are not defined (I'm getting a console error). How to fix the problem?


I tried to use
, but it doesn't seem to behave correctly. I'm trying to rotate an object according to the user click, this is the function that I've written:

function mouseUp(event) {
var x= event.clientX;
var y= event.clientY;
var dx= (x - xBegin);
var dy= (y - yBegin);

var quaternion= new THREE.Quaternion();
quaternion.setFromAxisAngle(new THREE.Quaternion(dy,dx,0).normalize(),Math.sqrt(dx*dx+dy*dy)/250.0);

It rotates correctly as long as the object is in vertical or horizontal position, but if it's for example at 45 degrees from the x axis, it rotates very slowly and in the opposite direction of the click.

Answer Source

As long as the object does not have a rotated parent, you can rotate the object around a World axis like so:

var q = new THREE.Quaternion(); // create once and reuse

q.setFromAxisAngle( axis, angle ); // axis must be normalized, angle in radians
object.quaternion.premultiply( q );

three.js r.78

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