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MySQL Question

mysql sorting by 2 columns dependencies

I'm searching for a trick, how to sort this:
I have 2 columns: status (numeric) and modification_date (date).

if status<9 (means for me if case is not closed) - it should be "order by status,modification_date

if status=9 (if case is closed) - it should be sorted "order by status,modification_date DESC

So - if I have cases not closed - they should be first in chronological order, but if they are closed - they should be in reversed order (newest first)

I hoped, that I can do UNION, but it's not possible to use "order by" in both sections (or maybe I'm doing something wrong)

Is it possible to do?

Answer Source
ORDER BY status,
         IF(status < 9, 1, -1) * modification_date
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