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JSON Question

Python Objects and Lists within Dictionary

I'm pretty new to Python, so just working my way through understanding the data sets.

I'm having a little trouble producing the JSON output that is required for the API I am working with.

I am using

import json

Working with Python dictionary and then doing

json.dump(dict, json_data)

My data needs to look like the following when it is output.

"event_name":"My Event Name",
"sub event":[


I have been able to create the arrays in python and dump to json, but I am having difficulty creating the event "object" in the dictionary. I am using the below:

attendees = ['attendees']
attendeesdict = {}
attendeesdict['first_name'] = "Jeff"

Can anyone help me add the "event" object properly?

Answer Source

In general, going from JSON to dictionary is almost no work because the two are very similar, if not identical:

attendees = [
        "first_name": "Jeff"
        # Add other fields which you need here
        "first_name": "Victoria"

In this instance, attendees is a list of dictionaries. For the event:

event = {
    "id": 10006,
    "event_name": "My Event Name"

Putting it all together:

data = {
    "event": event,
    "sub event": [],
    "attendees": attendees

Now, you can convert it to a JSON object, ready to send to your API:

json_object = json.dumps(data)
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