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JSON Question

Python Objects and Lists within Dictionary

I'm pretty new to Python, so just working my way through understanding the data sets.

I'm having a little trouble producing the JSON output that is required for the API I am working with.

I am using

import json

Working with Python dictionary and then doing

json.dump(dict, json_data)

My data needs to look like the following when it is output.

"event_name":"My Event Name",
"sub event":[


I have been able to create the arrays in python and dump to json, but I am having difficulty creating the event "object" in the dictionary. I am using the below:

attendees = ['attendees']
attendeesdict = {}
attendeesdict['first_name'] = "Jeff"

Can anyone help me add the "event" object properly?


In general, going from JSON to dictionary is almost no work because the two are very similar, if not identical:

attendees = [
        "first_name": "Jeff"
        # Add other fields which you need here
        "first_name": "Victoria"

In this instance, attendees is a list of dictionaries. For the event:

event = {
    "id": 10006,
    "event_name": "My Event Name"

Putting it all together:

data = {
    "event": event,
    "sub event": [],
    "attendees": attendees

Now, you can convert it to a JSON object, ready to send to your API:

json_object = json.dumps(data)