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C# Question

C# uno game ai select wild color by hand

i was writing an uno AI but i faced a problem in wild card play..
i want the AI to select the best color to select in a wild card by his hand of cards but i couldn't get any idea doing it..

the card is a class which have Face string and Color enum

public class Card
public CardColor Color { get; set; }
public string Face { get; set; }

public Card(CardColor color, string face)
Color = color;
Face = face;

public enum CardColor
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Wild

and each play has a list of cards

public List<Card> Cards { get; set; }

now i need to select hand color to play the wild cards :/


Following on from my comment, if you want to determine the wild card colour by frequency of card colour in the list of cards you can do it like this:

var mostFrequentColor = Cards.GroupBy(c => c.Color)
                             .OrderByDescending(x => x.Count())
                             .FirstOrDefault(y => y.Color)