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Attribute in dom but not usable in a jQuery selector

I face a very weird situation here.
For the context I'm using a modified version of this svg-edit fork and I needed to add custom html attributes (data-propzone="true").
But the weird thing is when I load my svg with the svg-edit "setSvgString" function, I can't use my attribute as a selector, you can see in the screenshot that I can use the element ID or even the fill value and it's working fine, it retrieve my element with my custom attribute but with

the result is empty...
Javascript console

My element with my custom attribute is in the dom as you can see:
enter image description here

I really don't know what could be wrong here, I always use data-attributes selectors and never had an issue.

I'm sorry you can't reproduce it in the demo page because I had to make a modification to allow custom attributes to be added so you can't reproduce this issue, I hope the screenshot will be enough, if someone as a lead to help me understand it will be a great help !

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You can try this code

var arr = $('*').filter(function () {
   return $(this).attr('data-propzone') === "true"; 
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