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How to repeat an element n times using JSX

I am using React/JSX in my app in order to accomplish what I want, also, Lodash.

I need to repeat an element a certain amount of times depending on a condition, how should I do that?

Here is the element:

<span className="busterCards">♦</span>;

And I am assigning it like this:

let card;
if (data.hand === '8 or more cards') {
card = <span className="busterCards">♦</span>;

So in this case, I need to repeat the element 8 times. What should be the process using Lodash?

Answer Source

Here you go:

let card = [];
_.times(8, () => {
  card.push(<span className="busterCards">♦</span>);

You may want to add key to each span element so React won't complain about missing the key attribute:

let card = [];
_.times(8, (i) => {
  card.push(<span className="busterCards" key={i}>♦</span>);

For more info about .times, refer here:

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