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PHP Netbeans: xdebug stops on every include() or require()

I've just discovered PHP debugging using xdebug integrated in netbeans IDE and I think it's great! how did I live without it? :)

But there's one problem: if I set a breakpoint deep in my code, I have to press "Continue" (F5) several times before I get to a breakpoint, because script stops at every include() and require() functions.

My includes look like that:


Is it a bug, or I can disable this behavior, so my I don't have to press "Continue" several times?

I'm using NetBeans 6.9.1 on ubuntu 9.10

Answer Source

go to Configuration > PHP > General and uncheck "Stop at First Line"

Approve the changes and try again

every include/require is a new "First Line" ;)

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