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Getting Django for Python 3 Started for Mac django-admin not working

I have been trying to set up Django for Python 3 for for 2 days now. I have installed python 3.5.2 on my Mac Mini. I have also have pip3 installed succesfully. I have installed Django using

pip3 install Django
. The problem is that when I try to start my project by typing
django-admin startproject mysite
, I get the error
-bash: django-admin: command not found
. If you need any more info, just let me know, I am also new to Mac so I may be missing something simple. How do I get django-admin working? I have tried pretty much everything I could find on the web.

Answer Source

Activate virtualenv and install Django there (with python -m pip install django). Try python -m django startproject mysite. You can use python -m django instead of django-admin since Django 1.9.

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