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C# Question

Is there has a function Math.Pow(A,n) for long type?

I'm testing a small C# program fragment:

short min_short = (short)(int)-Math.Pow(2,15);
short max_short = (short)(int)(Math.Pow(2, 15) - 1);
Console.WriteLine("The min of short is:{0};\tThe max of short is:{1}", min_short, max_short);

int min_int = (int)-Math.Pow(2, 31);
int max_int = (int)(Math.Pow(2, 31) - 1);
Console.WriteLine("The min of int is:{0};\tThe max of int is:{1}", min_int, max_int);

uint min_uint = 0;
uint max_uint = (uint)(Math.Pow(2, 32) - 1);
Console.WriteLine("The min of uint is:{0};\tThe max of uint is:{1}", min_uint, max_uint);

long min_long = (long)-Math.Pow(2, 63);
long max_long = (long)(Math.Pow(2, 63) - 1);
Console.WriteLine("The min of long is:{0};\tThe max of long is:{1}", min_long, max_long);

ulong min_ulong = 0;
ulong max_ulong = (ulong)(Math.Pow(2, 64) - 1);
Console.WriteLine("The min of ulong is:{0};\tThe max of ulong is:{1}", min_ulong, max_ulong);

The output is:

The min of ushort is:0; The max of ushort is:65535
The min of short is:-32768; The max of short is:32767
The min of int is:-2147483648; The max of int is:2147483647
The min of uint is:0; The max of uint is:4294967295
The min of long is:-9223372036854775808;The max of long is:-9223372036854775808
The min of ulong is:0; The max of ulong is:0

I suspect that the mistake is caused by the function of Math.Pow(),which is double type returned.

public static double Pow(
double x,
double y

so,my question is: Is there has a similar Math function for long type?
How to correct the errors in the program fragment above.
Many thanks!

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You reached Math.Pow limit. You would need to use System.Numerics.BigInteger.Pow.