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Expose Cassandra running on Kubernetes

I am running Cassandra on Kubernetes (3 instances) and want to expose it to the outside, my application is not yet in Kubernetes. So i crated a load balanced service like so:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
namespace: getquanty
app: cassandra
name: cassandra
kubernetes.io/tls-acme: "true"
- port: 9042
name: cql
nodePort: 30001
- port: 7000
name: intra-node
nodePort: 30002
- port: 7001
name: tls-intra-node
nodePort: 30003
- port: 7199
name: jmx
nodePort: 30004
app: cassandra
type: LoadBalancer

This is the result is:

cassandra GIVEN_IP_GCE_LB 9042:30001/TCP,7000:30002/TCP,7001:30003/TCP,7199:30004/TCP 26m

I am able to connect using sh (cqlsh GIVEN_IP_GCE_LB ) but when i try to add data to Cassandra using the datastax driver for node, i got this:

message: 'Cannot achieve consistency level SERIAL',
info: 'Represents an error message from the server',
code: 4096,
consistencies: 8,
required: 1,
alive: 0,
coordinator: '' },
'': 'Host considered as DOWN',
'': 'Host considered as DOWN' },
info: 'Represents an error when a query cannot be performed because no host is available or could be reached by the driver.',
message: 'All host(s) tried for query failed. First host tried, ResponseError: Cannot achieve consistency level SERIAL. See innerErrors.' }

My first though was I need to expose the other ports too, so I did (intra-node, tls-intra-node, jmx), but it was the same error.

Kubernetes gives you access to proxy, i tried to proxy from my machine using the constructed URL for the pod to test if i have access but i cannot connect using cqlsh:

I am out of ideas, the one thing left to try is to expose every instance (make a service for every instance) which is very ugly, but it will let me connect to the nodes from the outside until i migrate the application to Kubernetes.

Does any one have ideas how to expose Cassandra nodes to the internet and make the Datastax driver aware of all the nodes? Thank you for your time.

Answer Source

After more reading I found out that the replication strategy was the one causing the problem, NetworkStrategy is suitable for multi-cluster, I have one, so I changed the replication to simple with the number of nodes i had, now every thing works as expected.

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