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C# Question

Observable.FromAsync vs Task.ToObservable

Does anyone have a steer on when to use one of these methods over the other. They seem to do the same thing in that they convert from

TPL Task
to an

appear to support cancellation tokens which might be the subtle difference that allows the method generating the task to participate in cooperative cancellation if the observable is disposed.

Just wondering if I'm missing something obvious as to why you'd use one over the other.


Answer Source

Looking at the code, it appears that (at least in some flows) that Observable.FromAsync calls into .ToObservable()*. I am sure the intent that they should be semantically equivalent (assuming you pass the same parameters e.g. Scheduler, CancellationToken etc.).

One is better suited to chaining/fluent syntax, one may read better in isolation. Whichever you coding style favors.


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