asalomon asalomon - 2 years ago
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Hello everyone; I'm developing a project which I am using HTML and PHP Datatable together.

The problem is that I am using the result in a form and a table, since sending the variable of an ID to a checkbox longer a label and then perform the procedure to update records to the database and send it by email, now when I am presenting the data and pressed the check of any registration process and give it to me works perfectly but I can not see the information of pages and total records etc, but when you remove the label me working properly.

Annex programming to see who can help me and see where I have the problem.


Problems with using information Datatable conjunction with Checkbox, Label within PHP


	<form method="GET" name="form_confirm" action="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" id="form_confirm"> 
            <?php while($fila = $res -> fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)){ ?>
                    <td style="font-size:10px; width:6%;"><?=$fila["fecha"];?></td>
                    <td style="width:25%;"><?=$fila["titulo"];?></td>
                    <td style="width:10%;"><?=$fila["telefono"];?></td>
                    <td><input type="checkbox"  name="participante[]" value="<?=$fila['id_participante']?>"></td>
					<td><label value= "<?=$fila['id_participante']?>"></label></td>
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