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Error: Missing the OpenSSL lib? while trying to install python in pyenv/ SUSE12 environment

I have tried installing python in pyenv env, in which i am getting the below error. I have added openssl to the path variable as openssl is already available, still it is throwing the same error.

Also, now tried with a separate user(not root). Same error! And tried to followup the wiki page, but for OpenSUSE i can't find much help on google too.

Can some one guide me on how to proceed this further.

xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx:~/.pyenv> pyenv install 3.5.2
Downloading Python-3.5.2.tar.xz...
Installing Python-3.5.2...
WARNING: The Python bz2 extension was not compiled. Missing the bzip2 lib?
WARNING: The Python readline extension was not compiled. Missing the GNU readline lib?
ERROR: The Python ssl extension was not compiled. Missing the OpenSSL lib?

Please consult to the Wiki page to fix the problem.

BUILD FAILED (SLES 12.1 using python-build 20160726)

Inspect or clean up the working tree at /tmp/python-build.20160801100205.31144
Results logged to /tmp/python-build.20160801100205.31144.log

Last 10 log lines:
(cd /home/xxxxx/.pyenv/versions/3.5.2/share/man/man1; ln -s python3.5.1 python3.1)
if test "xupgrade" != "xno" ; then \
case upgrade in \
upgrade) ensurepip="--upgrade" ;; \
install|*) ensurepip="" ;; \
esac; \
./python -E -m ensurepip \
$ensurepip --root=/ ; \
Ignoring ensurepip failure: pip 8.1.1 requires SSL/TLS

Answer Source

Python makes use of underlying operating system libraries to support some of its libraries, and it appears you don't have these libraries installed. On Ubuntu you should be able to install them with

$ sudo apt-get install bzip2 libreadline6 libreadline6-dev openssl

For SUSE 12, as you have pointed out, the command required was

zypper -n install openssl libopenssl-devel
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