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Is there a shorthand for std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lock(m)?

Exactly what the question states. In C++, ideally 11, but curious about 14 and later too, is there a shorthand syntax for:

std::mutex someMutex;
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lg(someMutex);

Ideally something that infers the type of mutex to avoid the refactoring if I ever wanted to change to a

In other words, a way to do this:

std::mutex someMutex;
std::lock_guard lg(someMutex);


auto lg = make_lock_guard(someMutex);

For all the type deduction powers of modern C++, it just seems awfully redundant to go typing
every time I want to make one.

Answer Source

For pre-C++17:

template<class Mutex>
std::lock_guard<Mutex> make_lock_guard(Mutex& mutex) {
    return { mutex, std::adopt_lock };

Use as:

std::mutex someMutex;
auto&& lg = make_lock_guard(someMutex);

This takes advantage of the fact that copy-list-initialization doesn't create an additional temporary (even conceptually). The one-parameter constructor is explicit and can't be used for copy-list-initialization, so we lock the mutex first and then use the std::adopt_lock constructor.

The return value is then directly bound to lg, which extends its lifetime to that of the reference, once again creating no temporary (even conceptually) in the process.

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