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MySQL insert is writing a different value than the one I am entering

I just setup a LAMP server in an Amazon Linux instance. Everything is working fine and all my connections with my database are working great.

But I'm having a problem that I just can't figure out. I am working on an exam system and I want to give a random id to each student that is going to take it. I don't need any info about the students so I don't have any relevant fields that I could use as unique identifiers.

$sql = "INSERT INTO pinion_evalua (id_eval,id_escuela,anio) VALUES (".$id_eval.",".$id_escuela.",".$id_grupo.")";

On my local server everything works great and I get random numbers every time, but when I upload my files to the Amazon Server, I'm stuck with a specific number (2147483647), even if the result of the rand is different. For instance, I get:

Error: INSERT INTO pinion_evalua(id_eval,id_escuela,anio) VALUES (4612160288,1,2)
Duplicate entry '2147483647' for key 'id_eval'

How can this even be possible? I tried removing the random part and use an autoincrement but I still receive the same number. I even tried reducing the size of the int but I still get number, even if it goes against the rules of the field. It's driving me mad.

Do any of you can give me a hint about what can be wrong?


Answer Source

You have many problems in those few lines of code:

  • You are obviously running PHP on a 32 bit system and try to get a random value bigger than that.
  • Since you don't care about the id assigned, why not use an auto-incremented number in MySQL?
  • Your code is susceptible to SQL injection which can be easily demonstrated by inputting 3); delete pinion_evalua where (1 = 1. The proper solution would be to use prepared statements as documented in the PHP manual.
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