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What is the best way to get an image from a server by Swift?

I have an image in my website's server and i want to get it by Swift.Usually i just send data through PHP to Swift using HTTP Requests,but i don't know how to send an image.How can i do it?

Answer Source

This is my download image function, you just need the download URL:

let imageCache = NSCache<AnyObject, AnyObject>()

func downloadImageFromURL(string: String) -> UIImage {

    if let cachedImage = imageCache.object(forKey: string as AnyObject) as? UIImage {

        return cachedImage

    } else {

        let data = NSData(contentsOf: URL(string: string)!)
        return UIImage(data: data! as Data)!



You simply call: let image = downloadImageFromURL("yourURL")


This is a version for downloading images directly into the imageView that I have used before; it's a different approach, maybe it loads faster:

let imageCache = NSCache<AnyObject, AnyObject>()

extension UIImageView {

func downloadImage(from imgURL: String!) {

    self.image = nil

    // Check if there's an image in the cache 

    if let cachedImage = imageCache.object(forKey: imgURL as AnyObject) as? UIImage {
        self.image = cachedImage

    // Otherwise, download image from Firebase via URL-string

    let url = URLRequest(url: URL(string: imgURL)!)

    let task = URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: url) {
        (data, response, error) in

        if error != nil {

        DispatchQueue.main.async {
            if let image = UIImage(data: data!) {
                imageCache.setObject(image, forKey: imgURL as AnyObject)
            self.image = UIImage(data: data!)


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